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Australian Christmas Cards

The staff of Renton’s Labels:
Back row – Iren, Ian, Leila, Adam.
Middle row – Linda, Anjanaa, Jacqueline.
Front row – Sigalu, Robyn.

It Is Important To Love Your Clients And Show Them

Have you ever stopped to think why your clients buy from you? You will probably say it is because you are good at what you do. That is only a small part of sales. There are lots of businesses that are good at what they do but are not very successful.

Assuming you have priced your services properly and run your business efficiently, then your success will depend largely on your marketing ability and the strength of the relationships you have with your clients. Do you actively market to your clients and improve the relationships you have with your clients? If you do, the inevitable results are more repeat sales, more referrals and more profits.

This is really what Australian Christmas Cards is all about. We are in business to help you improve your relationships with your clients so that your clients will buy more, refer more and help to increase your profits. I see the products on our Home Page as an investment in your future profits of your business rather than an expense.

Christmas cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, other greeting cards, custom cards, calendars and fridge magnets are all investments in future sales. That is what will help to make your business successful.

This is what leading American marketer, Nick Loise, president of GKIC thinks about the importance of doing more to express appreciation towards your clients. This quotation comes from Page 26 of the January 2018 edition of No B.S. Marketing Newsletter.

Pre- and Post-Sales: Do you spend more on the post-sales portion of your business or the pre-sale portion of your business? Most spend it on the pre because new business is sexy and what we like to talk about. I would argue to flip your funnel and spend more money on the post-sale side of your business. Invest more in the nurturing, loving and escalating of value of your customer versus the acquisition side – or at the very least, make it a one for one investment.”

Seven Reasons To Choose Australian Christmas Cards

There is much more to our business than Christmas cards. Here are seven things that separates us from our competitors.

1. HUGE RANGE of the highest quality Christmas cards and other customer relationship products such as birthday cards, thank you cards, custom cards, calendars, fridge magnets and personalised Christmas stickers.

2. LARGEST CHARITY DONATION OF AUSTRALIA – If you chose the charity option, then our donation of 50 cents per card ordered is the largest in Australia. Click here for our list of charities and charity Christmas cards.

3. FREE COLOURED ENVELOPES – Impress your clients with silver, gold, red or white envelopes. Envelopes fit our cards which are 185mm x 110mm when folded. If you want a custom size, you can request free white DLX envelopes. Free card only stickers also available.

4. MONTHLY SPECIALS AVAILABLE – Save when you order your Christmas cards early. Check out our monthly specials.

5. 120% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - In the unlikely event that you’re not absolutely delighted with your order we will:
1. Give you a complete, no questions asked refund to the value of 120% of your purchase price. Just return your goods at any time, within 60 days of purchase, for a prompt and courteous refund, and get 120% of your money back. This is not a misprint. We’re so confident of the quality of our products and our service that we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is.
2. If you prefer, we will order and pay for one of our competitors to fulfil your order for you.

Specialists in Christmas Card Printing

Australian Christmas Cards is different from many other Christmas card printers. Christmas card printing is our core business and if we are not good at what we do, then we would go out of business. This is why we spend many hours sourcing up to 100 new Christmas card designs but we only choose the very best designs. Usually, we do about 20 new Christmas card designs every year.

Other Christmas card printers will come up with designs which quite frankly make me cringe. This is because most Christmas card printing companies do general printing as their main source of income and quickly throw in a few Christmas card designs for good measure.

We cannot afford to do this. We understand your corporate reputation is at stake when you send your clients their Christmas cards. You want the best Christmas card designs and you also want a fair price, particularly if you send large quantities of Christmas cards. We do also offer a custom Christmas card printing service but most of our customers prefer the designs on our website.

Christmas Cards Since 1988

Our first product was not Christmas cards. Jack Renton, the founder of this company, sold accounts stickers out of his garage from 1964. About ten years into this business, a customer requested we do Christmas stickers. This was our first customer relationship product. Then another ten years later, another customer requested we do Christmas cards.

We sold our first Christmas card in 1988 and have sold millions since. Our warehouse, office and digital printing machines are located in one place in Seven Hills in western Sydney. All Christmas cards can be personalised with one of our own recommended inside messages, your own message, your company name, your logo and signatures as well as photos and other images. It is easy to impress your clients.

A Family Business

Australian Christmas Cards is one trading name of Renton Management Services Pty Ltd ABN 17 001 307 900. It is very much a family business. The owner is Ian Renton. He is supported by his sister and production manager, Robyn Renton, and a dedicated team.

Australian Christmas Cards is more than just an online business. You are welcome to call us on 1-800 226 202 (Australia) or 0800 128 727 (New Zealand) or 612 9631 3366 (International).

You can place your order over the phone, ask us technical questions about personalised Christmas cards or request our Christmas Catalogue. Also, email your order, quotation request or enquiry to