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Business Christmas Cards Why They Are Still So Important Today

by Ian Renton

The main reason you should send Business Christmas cards is because it is profitable to do so. The only way you can grow your business is to a make a profit from your current customers. From this profit, you can fund customer acquisition. To make a profit, you have to keep your current clients. This is what our business is all about… helping you keep your current clients.

If you subscribe to our free newsletter, SmallBizTips, then you will know that we focus heavily on marketing which really boils down to two things… keeping your current clients and getting more profitable clients.

You should contact your clients multiple times a year… 50 contacts is not excessive provided you have a reason for contacting your clients. Not all of these contacts should be selling contacts. Sometimes, you simply should contact your clients just to say thank you. Business Christmas cards are the best way of doing this.

The best time to thank your clients is at Christmas time. Apart from doing nothing, the worst thing you can do is send a bulk email. Did you know that less than 20% of bulk emails get opened?

If you send 1,000 emails to your clients before Christmas, then 800 of these won’t get opened. Most of the other 200 would be singularly unimpressed. I know I would be. How would you feel if you spent $1,000 or $10,000 or even more with a company and the only recognition you got at Christmas time was a bulk email?

Business Christmas cards are well worth sending. In fact, it is the least you should do. The only reason you may not send Business Christmas cards is if you are doing something extra such as sending a calendar. If you send at least 1,000 Business Christmas cards, you can expect at least 995 of these to be opened.