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Charity Birthday Cards

We are the first company to offer a charity donation as large as 50 cents per card. This is the largest charity donation given per card ordered in Australia. Our competitors give much less per card ordered to charity and yet our cards feature better designs and are priced lower than our competitors. For example, order 500 charity cards and we will donate $250 to your chosen charity.

Five Simple Steps To Order Your Charity Birthday Cards

1. Place your order as you normally do.
2. In the comments section, state your favourite registered charity.
3. Then, we will provide a proof of your inside message and also, on the inside of the card, we will state that proceeds are going towards helping your chosen charity.
4. Once approved, your cards will be printed and despatched.
5. Once payment is received, we will make the donation to your nominated charity and send you a copy of the receipt promptly.

There are just three conditions:

1. The minimum order is just 50 charity Christmas or greeting cards. The maximum donation per order of charity cards is $1,000, this being the amount donated on an order of 2,000 Charity Christmas cards or other charity greeting cards. Normally, on orders of more than 2,000 Charity greeting cards, the donation remains at $1,000 as you also get further quantity discounts. Please contact us if you wish to order more than 2,000 Charity cards.

2. The charity donation on your behalf is made after payment so please pay upfront or within seven days of receiving your charity Christmas cards.

3. This offer is not valid for our discount Christmas cards. Also, you do not qualify for other gifts and bonuses when ordering charity Christmas cards.

You can choose from the charities below:

Coloured envelopes (choice of white, red, gold or silver) and Happy Birthday stickers are available for free with all charity birthday card orders upon request.

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