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Christmas Card Messages

Step One

Choose a Message for the inside of your Christmas Cards

When ordering your cards online, you will be able to select from a number of pre-written message templates which you can further customise with your company name, logo, or any other text. You will also have the opportunity to write your own unique message if you desire.

When ordering by phone, mail, fax or email, you will also be able to select from a number of message templates, or to write your own message. Shown below are our pre-written message suggestions.

For most messages, your company name can be added at the end. For messages marked with an asterisk, your company name is added to the beginning of the sentence.

Step Two

Choose Your Cards

Down the left hand side of every page within this website is a list of categories you can choose from within our card range i.e. Humorous Cards, Corporate / Traditional Cards, Industry Cards, Discounted Cards, Deluxe Cards etc.

When you click on one of these categories, you will then be shown several high quality cards to choose from within this category. To start your order, simply click on the card you like.

For any special requests such as delivery times or special offers, just include these details in the additional comments at the end of your order. Flat delivery fee of just $7.