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Corporate Birthday Cards: A Good Idea For Any Business

Running a successful business has a lot of factors that go into its success. All business owners know that their clients are the most important part of their business. There are a lot of things that can be done to ensure that your clients remain happy and the business relationship is a mutually fruitful one. You can undertake various activities and events for your clients and other stakeholders. You can organise parties, picnics and various other events for your clients. Apart from that, corporate gifts and greeting cards are also important. The idea of giving corporate birthday cards is a good one. They are a nice way to make your clients feel appreciated and valued.

Importance of Giving Corporate Birthday Cards

A birthday is a very personal and special day for anyone. When you receive a gift or a card on your birthday you feel extra special. Many businesses give gifts and Christmas cards at Christmas time but birthdays are often neglected. This might be because you do not know your client’s birthday, but more likely it is because you choose not to send birthday cards. A great opportunity is being missed here because a birthday card from someone unexpected such as your company will be remembered.

Advantage of Personalised Birthday Cards

Giving personalised birthday cards has many advantages that will help your business in the long run:

  • Corporate birthday cards are a simple way to build client relationships.
  • They add to the overall customer experience with your business.
  • They are a different idea and therefore very well appreciated by most clients.
  • Personalised birthday cards can invoke a feeling of a close and reliable relationship.
  • In a newly formed business relationship, they are a great way to show that your business is interested in your clients on a personal level.
  • Sending out birthday cards is a great way to market your business as well. Even without an accompanied offer, birthday cards can still increase repeat sales.

Tips for Giving Corporate Birthday Cards

In an age when electronic mail is used much more often than actual mail, receiving an electronic greeting card is quite underwhelming. However, receiving an actual birthday card in the mail is a very special thing now. Here are some tips for making sure your birthday cards are unique and appreciated:

  • Decide what image you want to present to your client. The card you send out will tell the recipient a lot about your business. Decide if you want to project a happy and appreciative tone or a professional and serious image.
  • The recipient of the card is the important factor in choosing the design of the card. Here the demography of the recipient, the age and the gender shall play an important role. The design should ideally be as neutral as possible.
  • The actual design of the card should be kept as simple as possible, images and text only. Keep the text simple and to the point so as to get the right message across. A long loving message is not appropriate.
  • Ensure that the quality of the actual birthday card is of the highest order. Avoid flimsy birthday cards. A classy birthday card with foil printing is a nice touch but not essential.
  • And lastly, ensure that your birthday card reaches your client on time or just a little before time. Early is OK, but late is not so good. Ensure you have the right dates and addresses. Definitely don’t refer to your client’s age.