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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I add my logo, how do I send it to you?
Answer: When ordering online, you can upload your logo directly into the card template. It is automatically resized to 300 DPI, which is suitable for printing. If you are ordering via a different method, it is best to email your logo. Again, a resolution of 300dpi is strongly recommended to get a satisfactory print job. Please send us TIF, EPS or PDF files.

Question: Can I order different cards? What is the price if I order 5 lots of 100 cards?
Answer: The price is based on the size of the total order so 500 cards from our corporate range is $900. This price is valid if the same message is inside each card. If you have a mixture of portrait and landscape cards, then there is an additional charge of $20 for the additional print run.

Question: Can I order extra envelopes and card only stickers?
Answer: Yes. The card only stickers are available for 2.5 cents each. White envelopes are 5 cents each. Coloured envelopes are 10 cents each. Please phone or email us immediately after placing your order, or add it as a comment to your order.

Question: Do I still get my envelopes if I forget to tick the box on the order form?
Answer: Yes. If you do not indicate what colour envelope you like, we will send you white envelopes. If you change your mind on the envelopes, you can return the ones you receive and we will send you different ones immediately. Please also let us know if you do not require envelopes.

Question: What do I do if I run out of envelopes?
Answer: We will as a rule send 1% more envelopes than the number of cards you order to allow for mistakes. If you are short of envelopes, just let us know how many more you need and we will send you more free of charge.

Question: Do I automatically get card only stickers?
Answer: No. Not everyone uses card only stickers so you will need to request them to receive them. If you receive your order and forgot to order your free card only stickers, just let us know and these will be sent to you immediately.

Question: How do I send my signatures to you?
Answer: When ordering online, you can upload your signatures directly into the card template. They are automatically resized to 300 DPI, which is suitable for printing. If you are ordering via a different method, it is best to email your signatures. If you can't do this, then get all of your staff to sign their name in a medium/thick black pen on a clean unfolded blank white sheet of paper. Do not fold the page through any of the signatures. Then mail the signatures to us to scan in and our graphic designer will arrange for the signatures to be placed around your message.

Question: How much do signatures cost?
Answer: Nothing.

Question: How much is it to add a new logo?
Answer: Nothing. We charge extra if you need our designers to tidy up your logo so make sure it is at least 300dpi when sending it electronically. Remember if you are sending a colour logo through there is an additional printing cost of 18 cents per card to print in colour. If you only have a colour logo but want black printing, please advise us and we will convert it for you free of charge. Artwork is charged at $110 per hour.

Question: What happens if you are out of a particular item?
Answer: We do run out of stock of some items, especially in November and December. We endeavour to update stock levels ASAP on our website to prevent ordering cards which are no longer stocked. However in the event where an unstocked card is ordered, we will let you know and ask you to make another choice. To avoid disappointment, order early, especially the 33% off cards, since these are very popular and some designs run out quickly.

Question: What do I do if I want to create my own message?
Answer: You are welcome to type your own personalised message when ordering online. Otherwise, you may email or fax your order. However we can take your order by phone. The message can be as short or as long as you wish.

Question: Do I receive a proof before my cards are printed?
Answer: When ordering online, because you are setting up your own card, there is no need for an additional proof. It is a requirement of completing an online order that you approve your own message for printing (you have an opportunity to view it before approval). When ordering by email, phone, fax or mail, straightforward orders can often go straight to print. However, to guarantee you receive a proof, let us know. Proofs can be sent back to you by fax, email or mail. We prefer to send you a proof by email. We will also confirm the price with your proof.

Question: Do I pay extra for colour printing?
Answer: Yes. If you want your cards printing in any colour(s) other than all black, then the extra charge is 18 cents per card. For example, 200 cards printed in colour costs an extra $36. 500 cards printing in colour costs an extra $90. These prices apply per side. If metal plates are required, this is an extra $30 per colour. This applies for spot or PMS colour matching on offset printed orders. Most orders are printed digitally (cannot guarantee spot or PMS colour matching), i.e. without plates.

Question: Can I receive free samples before ordering?
Answer: Yes. Just let us know which card(s) you would like and we will mail some blank cards to you.

Question: What are the absolute lowest priced cards available?
Answer: Our most economical cards are in our 50% off range. Alternatively, we have a range of 33% off cards which are from more recent years. These are the same quality as our other cards.

Question: When will I receive my Christmas cards?
Answer: Please indicate with your order when your cards are required and we will send them to you by this date. For all online orders, your cards are sent to print immediately, negating the time required to receive and approve a proof manually. When ordering by other methods, please allow 48 hours to receive your first proof. Your cards will be delivered within three weeks of proof approval. Urgent delivery by courier or express post may be billed to you at cost.

Question: When do I pay for my cards?
Answer: You do not need to pay for your cards with your order. We can issue you with a 30 day account. You can pay by direct deposit, cheque or cash. We also accept MasterCard and Visa online, and additionally AMEX payments by telephone. There are no extra surcharges for credit card payments.

Question: What is the postage fee?
Answer: Postage is free except in three circumstances: a) Your order is less than $250. There is a charge of $5. b) You order from outside Australia and New Zealand. International delivery is billed at cost. This includes EMS delivery and tracking is included. c) You require faster delivery by Express Post, courier or EMS. This is billed at cost.