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Christmas Cards – All Of Our Corporate Card Designs

Australian Christmas Cards provides over 100 different Christmas cards for business. You can also choose if you want:

Corporate Christmas Cards – With many new designs introduced for Christmas 2017, these are our newest and most popular Christmas cards, with many featuring metallic gold or silver foil features. 25% Discount When You Order Before July 31.

Discount Christmas Cards – We offer several popular cards at 30% off. These are simply designs from last year or earlier years, the quality is still the same as our corporate range. Take A Further 15% Off Until July 31.

Charity Christmas Cards – We can donate 50 cents per card ordered to your chosen charity… this is the highest donation in Australia. For a complete list of charities, you can go to this page. 15% Off Charity Christmas Cards Until July 31.

Custom Christmas Cards – You can also provide a photograph or your own created design for printing on your Christmas cards as a completely unique and bespoke option. Email us with your image/s and we can set up a template for you. 25% Discount When You Order Before July 31.

The size of all Christmas cards is 185mm x 110mm when folded. All cards come with free self-sealing envelopes (white, red, gold or silver) and free card only stickers on request.

Custom Golden Christmas C130CustomNew Custom Golden Christmas View More Custom Emerald Baubles C129CustomNew Custom Emerald Baubles View More Custom Tree & Presents C128CustomNew Custom Tree & Presents View More
Beach Bauble Trio C477New Beach Bauble Trio View More Sketched Tree C476New Sketched Tree View More Sunset Ride C475New Sunset Ride View More
Purrfect Christmas C474New Purrfect Christmas View More Sydney Greetings C473New Sydney Greetings View More Christmas Rush C472New Christmas Rush View More
The Schmidt House C470New The Schmidt House View More Custom Starfish Greetings C127Custom Custom Starfish Greetings View More Custom Zig Zag Tree C126Custom Custom Zig Zag Tree View More
Custom Christmas Wreath C125Custom Custom Christmas Wreath View More Custom Beach Bauble C123Custom Custom Beach Bauble View More Custom Ribbon Tree C122Custom Custom Ribbon Tree View More
Custom Blue Thanks C121Custom Custom Blue Thanks View More Custom Bauble Bunch C120Custom Custom Bauble Bunch View More Custom Silver Tree C119Custom Custom Silver Tree View More
Personalised Delivery C118Custom Personalised Delivery View More Custom Three Baubles C117Custom Custom Three Baubles View More Sandy Bauble C469 Sandy Bauble View More
Christmas Coach C468 Christmas Coach View More Delicious Greetings C46730% Off Delicious Greetings View More Merry Team C466 Merry Team View More
Santa Paws C46530% Off Santa Paws View More Three Wise Men In Baubles C462 Three Wise Men In Baubles View More Ruby Ornaments C461Gold Foil 30% Off Ruby Ornaments View More
Gilded Ornament C460Gold Foil 30% Off Gilded Ornament View More Elegant Adornment C457Gold Foil Elegant Adornment View More Vibrant Tree C456Gold Foil 30% Off Vibrant Tree View More
Custom Beach Bauble - New Year C193Custom Custom Beach Bauble - New Year View More Custom Blue Thanks - New Year C191Custom Custom Blue Thanks - New Year View More Outback Stop C124Custom Outback Stop View More
Golden Reindeer C452Gold Foil Golden Reindeer View More Spiral Tree C453Silver Foil Spiral Tree View More Glittery Green Ornaments C454Gold Foil 30% Off Glittery Green Ornaments View More
Dazzling Red Christmas C455Silver Foil Dazzling Red Christmas View More Santa's Balancing Act C44730% Off Santa's Balancing Act View More Santa's Bus C44630% Off Santa's Bus View More
Star of Bethlehem C44530% Off Star of Bethlehem View More Before the Muster C44430% Off Before the Muster View More Slinky Tree C44330% Off Slinky Tree View More
Green Baubles and Branch C442 Green Baubles and Branch View More Designer Decorations C441 Gold Foil 30% Off Designer Decorations View More Nostalgic Christmas C439 Gold Foil 30% Off Nostalgic Christmas View More
Golden Adornment C433 Gold Foil 30% Off Golden Adornment View More Radiant Red Ornaments C432 Silver Foil Radiant Red Ornaments View More Grand Ornament C430 Gold Foil 30% Off Grand Ornament View More
Christmas Bus Ride C42930% Off Christmas Bus Ride View More New Year On The Bridge C42630% Off New Year On The Bridge View More Dove of Peace C425 Dove of Peace View More
Jolly Green Snowman C423 Jolly Green Snowman View More New Year Sparkler C42230% Off New Year Sparkler View More Sandy Snowmen C421 Sandy Snowmen View More
Frosty Purple Baubles C420 Silver Foil 30% Off Frosty Purple Baubles View More Golden Greetings C414Gold Foil 30% Off Golden Greetings View More Forklift Tines C41130% Off Forklift Tines View More
Santa's Truck Stop C39730% Off Santa's Truck Stop View More Beach Bus Trip C39630% Off Beach Bus Trip View More Concrete Greetings C39530% Off Concrete Greetings View More
Wrapped Up Ribbon C391Gold Foil 30% Off Wrapped Up Ribbon View More Present Hold Up C38430% Off Present Hold Up View More Santa's New & Used Cars C38330% Off Santa's New & Used Cars View More
First Christmas C381 First Christmas View More Star So Bright C38030% Off Star So Bright View More Hang It High C37230% Off Hang It High View More
Christmas Success C371 30% Off Christmas Success View More Christmas Crew C36330% Off Christmas Crew View More Jolly Team C353 30% Off Jolly Team View More
Merry Construction C351 30% Off Merry Construction View More Christmas On The Beach C342 Christmas On The Beach View More Can You Fix This? C333 30% Off Can You Fix This? View More
Santa's Pool Chair C331 30% Off Santa's Pool Chair View More Bringing Peace C318 30% Off Bringing Peace View More Stop… It's Still Wet C317 30% Off Stop… It's Still Wet View More
On Our Way C312 30% Off On Our Way View More I'll Never Get Used To My New Gas Stove C310 30% Off I'll Never Get Used To My New Gas Stove View More All Is Secure... I Think! C308 30% Off All Is Secure… I Think! View More
Click Here C301 30% Off Click Here View More Merry Christmas Lights C300 30% Off Merry Christmas Lights View More Santa's Dependants C299 30% Off Santas Dependants View More
Homely Glow C296 30% Off Homely Glow View More Golden Glow C295 Gold Foil 30% Off Golden Glow View More Holly Season C294 Gold Foil 30% Off Holly Season View More
Santa Pup C293 30% Off Santa Pup View More Claus Cars Auto C291 30% Off Claus Cars Auto View More Present Mixer C286 30% Off Present Mixer View More
Ornamental Blessings C484 30% Off Ornamental Blessings View More

Why You Should Still Send Christmas Cards

Today, there are more ways than ever to communicate with your clients, family and friends. I have come up with 15 but you may think of more.
1. Visit in person.
2. Deliver a package by courier.
3. Post something in the mail.
4. Make a Skype or video call.
5. Make a telephone call.
6. Send a fax.
7. Send an email.
8. Send an SMS.
9. Do a Facebook post or message.
10. Send a tweet.
11. Contact them on Linked In.
12. Create a Youtube video.
13. Place an ad in a newspaper or magazine.
14. Do a radio commercial
15. Create a television commercial.

The question is what is going to give you the most value at Christmas time. What will be appreciated? What is within budget? What can be done easily and effectively? What is not too dear but does not look cheap either? What will be appropriate for family, friends, clients, customers, members, patients and suppliers?

You can use all 15 methods of communicating but the most effective and the best value way of contacting those important in your life is to post Christmas cards.

If you are going to the trouble of sending Christmas cards and it does take a bit of time and organising, then you will want to know that your message is being received. According to Wilson Printing, 99.9% of Christmas cards are opened.

You certainly won’t get that with an email or Christmas e-card. In fact, the open rate of emails is falling heavily. If you email your newsletter or send a marketing email, then your open rate is at best, 20%, and falling.

Many businesses prefer email communication to mail because it is cheaper but cheaper is not always best. According to the above research, if you send out 1,000 printed Christmas cards in the mail, then 999 are likely to be opened. If you send 1,000 Christmas e-cards, then about 200 are likely to be opened.

Perhaps you should be visiting your favourite clients, friends and family in person at Christmas time. If you do, besides an appropriate gift, what are you going to bring? A Christmas Card!

For those you cannot see in person, you may wish to deliver some gifts by courier. My brother lives in USA so we send gifts to Peter’s children every year. Of course, a Christmas card accompanies the gifts.

What is that makes Christmas cards so special in today’s modern world of multiple communication channels? It shows effort and time taken. You have to go to the trouble of choosing an appropriate Christmas card, write or print an inside message, address an envelope and post it. What’s even more important, unlike other forms of communication, your Christmas cards sent will be kept by the recipient for several days. It is rare for greeting cards to be discarded immediately. The same cannot be said for electronic communication.

Dallas morning news writer, David Flick, sums up the case for sending Christmas cards very eloquently indeed.

“When you’re sending mass greetings by social media, your primary thought — let’s be honest here — is of your own convenience. It treats the expression of personal affection as one more obligation to be crossed off the seasonal list. By contrast, the minute or so it takes to sign and address a card is time spent thinking of someone else.

Mention this article and quote the reference, “I still send Christmas Cards” to receive a discount of 6% off your Christmas cards from Australian Christmas Cards.