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Corporate Greeting Cards

Corporate greeting cards should form an essential part of all business marketing. Many businesses spend too many resources on chasing new clients but you should always spend a significant proportion of your marketing budget on client retention. Here is our recommendation for you to use corporate greeting cards in the most effective manner.

Sending a Christmas card to your clients is the least you should do. You should do more. There are two things we recommend you also do. Firstly, send your clients a birthday card. It will be appreciated and more importantly, remembered. Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday and your clients know that this birthday card is just for them and no-one else. Thirdly, if your client has placed a large order, acknowledge it. A thank you card soon after the order is despatched or after work is complete is most appropriate. If your clients place regular orders, then the best time to send a thank you card to these types of customers is at the end of the financial year.

Doing these three things will set you apart from your competitors. It will also demonstrate to your clients that you are thinking about them and you care. Did you know the most common reason clients leave you for another supplier. It is not price. It is not the quality of your goods. It is not even the level of service you provide. Instead, it is simply, indifference. Your clients crave to be important. They want to be appreciated. I am certain that our corporate greeting cards will increase the likelihood of your clients wanting to do business with you again. You want your clients to think of you and like you. This is the key to business success and corporate greeting cards can help you to achieve this.

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