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WOW Packs

Retain More Clients, Increase Sales and Get More Referrals For Less Than $40

Customer retention sounds easy enough but most businesses fail miserably. If you do not care about your customers, then sooner or later they will leave. We have designed a WOW pack so you can show your customers that you do really care about them.

You simply choose your gift and choose your design for the thank you card. However, most businesses do not do the simple things so you are sure to stand out when your customers receive these WOW packs. Here are the ten best times to use these WOW packs.

i. When you acquire a new customer.
ii. To thank your regular customers.
iii. After an important meeting with a potential new client.
iv. To thank your customer for referrals and/or testimonials.
v. At the end of the financial year.
vi. At Christmas time. (Choose a Christmas card from our website.)
vii. On the anniversary of the initial purchase by your customer. (Choose an anniversary card from our website.)
iix. On your customer’s birthday. (Choose a birthday card from our website.)
ix. To thank a supplier for a job well done.
x. To thank your employees.

Just a simple gift and thank you card will be enough to retain more clients, increase repeat sales and get more referrals. The price per WOW pack is only $39 (Deduct $2 if you pay upfront) each including GST. The minimum order is ten packs. Flat delivery fee of just $7. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. However, you have the option to also get a quick boost to sales by adding your company brochure, five business cards and also a discount voucher to encourage a second order.

Also, let us know if you would like us to take all of the hassle out of this for you. We can post these WOW packs to your customers on your behalf. 100% confidentiality is assured. Ask us for more information.

How to Order WOW Packs

To order your WOW packs, just follow these five simple steps.

1. Choose your thank you card or other greeting cards.
2. Design the inside message. Use the template below or your own layout. Email your logo to, in a print-ready file format and resolution.
3. Choose your gift below.
4. Let us know the quantity of WOW Packs you would like to order. The price is $37 each (inc. GST) when paid in advance. Otherwise, just $39 each. The minimum order is ten packs.
5. Let us know if you wish to add any optional extras. E.g.
   • Business cards
   • Marketing/promotional brochures
   • Savings vouchers
   (Call us for a quotation on printing)

For more information, you can call one of our customer retention specialists on 1800 226 202 or 02 9631 3366.