Charity Christmas Cards

Want to support charity? You can impress your clients and let us do a donation to one of our supported charities. We also print a small message inside the front cover that mentions which charity you are supporting.

At 50c per card, Australian Christmas Cards offers the highest donation per Card in the country!

We have Christmas Cards as well as Birthday and Thank You Cards.

Three conditions with our charity Christmas card range:

  1. The minimum order is just 50 charity Christmas or greeting cards. The maximum donation per order of charity cards is $1,000, this being the amount donated on an order of 2,000 Charity Christmas cards or other charity greeting cards. Normally, on orders of more than 2,000 Charity greeting cards, the donation remains at $1,000 as you can also generally obtain further discounts, however please contact us if you wish to order more than 2,000 Charity cards.
  2. The charity donation on your behalf is made after payment, so please pay upfront or within seven days of receiving your charity Christmas cards to ensure speedy delivery of your donation.
  3. This offer is not valid for our discounted Christmas card or greeting card ranges. Also, you do not generally qualify for other bonuses when ordering charity Christmas cards.

To order, choose from one of the card designs below.

Charity Christmas Cards

Charity Birthday and Thank You Cards

Don't see anything you like?

Contact us to discuss a completely custom card!

Our Donation of 50 Cents Per Card Ordered Is The Largest In Australia