Free Christmas Cards Catalogue

We have several bonuses for ordering corporate Christmas cards, charity Christmas cards, discount Christmas cards, personalised Christmas cards and corporate calendarsearly. You can request our 16 page Christmas catalogue to be mailed to you. Simply click on the link below.

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  1. Cards can be ordered on this site. Click on the card you want, choose the order quantity and follow the process through. You can choose a Charity, use or modify one of our card messages or write your own, choose an envelope colour and whether you want a free sticker for the envelope. The free “Card only” sticker is important for you to get the special pricing from Australia Post for Christmas cards.
  2. You can choose to have a card that is blank inside (but all Charity cards must be printed on the inside because that is where their details are printed), is printed in black only (meaning any colour logo, photo, image etc will be converted to grey-scale when printed) or colour (which highlights logos and photos beautifully).
  3. We offer a very personal service and are always happy to receive your email or phone call to discuss the card, magnet, sticker or calendars you want. There is no extra charge for you contacting us to discuss your needs… the online ordering is for your convenience if you choose to use it.
  4. Calendars, magnets and stickers cannot currently be ordered on the site. Please just contact us and let us know what you need.
  5. You’ve got complete freedom to personalise the inside of the card as you want it to appear. We can add your photo, logo, signatures, message or other graphic element as you wish. Some card styles allow for a Branded Front – Just let us know how you want these cards branded. Or, we can do a custom design just for you – additional charges apply so have a chat with us about your requirements.
  6. We offer Premium and Discounted cards. They are all the same quality. They all come with free envelopes and stickers. The only difference is that the Discounted cards are older styles from previous years (but in many ways, card designs are timeless anyway).
  7. Our pricing structure is designed to give each Charity 50 cents from each card sold. You can choose a Premium or Discounted card; or take advantage of our Early Bird discounts on the Premium cards. We just add 50 cents per card to whichever you choose and then pass it on if full to your nominated Charity.

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