Five Rules To Starting Your Own Business

An article that has stuck in my head over the years goes against everything we are taught about marketing to the younger generation, i.e. all communication must be digital. A report by Keypoint Intelligence concludes that millennials or those born between 1982 and 2000 actually enjoy receiving direct mail.

The report concluded that 71% of millennials will open the direct mail they receive and 36% also believe that those businesses sending direct mail are more serious about winning their business. In other words, direct mail increases credibility.

Reference: Australian Printer – Research shows millennials reading mail

Why is it then that we receive so little personally addressed mail? I doubt that it is the cost as a direct mail piece will cost a similar amount to a click from Google Adwords. Databases are more sophisticated than ever before so it is not about having no one to send mail to. I suspect that it is a combination of a lack of knowledge and a laziness to learn the knowledge to write a good direct mail piece.

If you have a strong database or hot prospects who would be interested in your marketing, then these five points will help you to get started.

  1. Why are you sending a letter? Is it a new product or service, news from your company or a special offer?
  2. Create a special offer which should give a reason to buy now.
  3. Get your letter opened. An envelope with company letterhead is OK if your customers know you well. This also helps with postal discounts. Best practice is still a plain envelope with a stamp.
  4. Get your letter read. You need a compelling headline and an interesting and relevant opening paragraph.
  5. What else goes inside your envelope – a brochure, catalogue, CD, order form, relevant gadget or something else?
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